Transport Management System

sennder is the leading digital road freight logistics partner in Europe. They offer shippers access to a connected fleet of thousands of trucks, and by leveraging our proprietary technology, they aim to take logistics in a new direction and bring a new degree of transparency and flexibility to the industry.

I joined sennder as a Senior Product Designer at sennder, in a time before the massive growth and the unicorn title. This gave me he opportunity to touch all products, understand the logistics process E2E and contribute to improving the experience for both our B2B, B2C and also internal users.

Another project I worked on was the internal enterprise product, for which we did a full refactoring of the UI, as well as set up and build our own design system from scratch.

Due to NDA further details of the process are only available individual upon request in pdf format by a recruiter and only for live portfolio review purposes.


Project details


Ana-Maria Ghinita


sennder GmbH

Project date

June 2019 - present

Project location

Berlin, Germany