Hi there, Welcome! I’m Ana-Maria, A Senior Product designer based in berlin.

Currently I’m working on creating and upgrading the digital products at sennder, the no.1 digital road freight forwarder in Europe.

In the past I have designed products for Comatch and for several ventures within the Finleap ecosystem.



Adding value by identifying project goals, identifying the status of the user experience as within your product, creating a vision of how to improve it, defining the means and elements of this improvement  and planning the workflow to achieve the goal.



Creating value through prototyping, advocating and maintaining visual consistency, appropriate visual hierarchy as well as identifying visual patterns while constantly collaborating with the Front End engineers.



Love getting my hands dirty with creating style-guides, component libraries, and component behaviour and interactions, and with contributing to a common shared language, keeping visual consistency and having a single source of truth.



Facilitating opportunities for teams to untangle problems together via focused group exercises, workshops and sessions with specific outcomes. Building and testing solutions for specific problems systematically, collaboratively with the use of Design Sprints.


I believe that attitude is better than skills, design thinking is key to enhanced creativity and better solutions.  That we should aim to build better users and not better products or services. That one must embrace failure in order to learn and succeed. That smart decisions are always based on data. And that problems should always be tackled together, by listening, understanding and encouraging rather than forcing solutions.

I believe that Product Designers are facilitators and enablers of collaboration within the team and that one never stops learning just like design is an ongoing imperative.